Q: Ant

A: Zack

1. Can you tell us shortly about Kill Me Tomorrow? When did it all start and

how many members are taking part of this project? Do you have side


Kill Me Tomorrow started out as a sort of open-ended bedroom pop band

between K8 and I in Oregon. Around 1995, maybe? We moved around and played

with lot of different people in different arrangements, but never really

pushed hard for any certain thing until the last couple years. Now it’s

just myself, K8 and Dan and we’re the closest we’ve ever been to actually

making the kind of music we’d want to hear or see. K8 and I do have a side

projec t called Tender Buttons. Various electronic elements and me losing my

mind with a bullhorn.

2. How do you compose? I listen to your music it seems to me to find

different kind of influences... is there any group or musician that

influenced you in a special way?

Our composition technique right now is very hard to explain. We have an

approach that allows us all to work in a way we’re comfortable with, but

pushes us to play harder. None of the songs are composed in a

"singer-songwriter" kind of way. They are built on rhythms, specific sounds

we’ve generated with all our shit and ideas more than anything else. We all

listen to such a wide variety of music that nobody in particular influences

us the most in a conscious way. Certain movies and books have had more

effect on me in the last year than any particular piece of music. We hear

the usual classic post-punk references from people who are trying to

describe us, but what really influences us the mo st musically these days is

the Wu-Tang Clan and a lot of early dub records.

3. Which relation do you have with food? Do you like to cook or is it

something you connect to the music? Like do you write songs like cooking a

dish, do you like mixing sounds like ingredients for a cake?

K8 is an accomplished chef. She no longer cooks in any sort of restaurant.

She mostly cooks to relax now and for guests. Making music is not very

relaxing for us, really. We don’t do it to relax. Your ideas about

ingredients and all that applies, but one always want food to taste as good

as possible and look as nice as possible. Frequently in a song we are

making something that wouldn’t taste good, something a person would prefer

to spit out but we’ve got to convince them to swallow it for some other

reason. For their own good, maybe. Music that’s like good food can be very

sophisticated, but it’s still basically made to please the person that’s

consuming it. Gourmet mu sic. Of course there’s p lenty of music that’s like

bad food. People that are not very skilled at playing are just like people

who can barely boil a pan of water. There are people who play music that’s

practically already been made for them. They are like people who eat frozen

dinners. Fast food music is probably the most visible type of music in our

culture. Junk food music. Eminiem? Spice Girls? Not like they’re even

being subtle about it. We aren’t here to please people. Pleasure is a part

of our music, but so is pain. People generally don’t like food that causes

them pain.

4. Where have you been touring, what do you eat when on tour? Is anybody of

you vegan and stuff?…What is your favourite food (like Italian, sushi…) and

why. Tell us about all the memories about touring and food…did you notice

differences in food in different places?

We’ve toured the United States and the West Coast several times. Plans are

in the works to tour Europe, Japan a nd elsewhere. We’ll tour anywhere as

long as it’s well put together. We are all huge sushi fans. Don’t get to

have much of that on the road because it’s too expensive. Usually we don’t

get to eat very well on tour. We eat a lot of beer. Sometimes nice people

cook for us. I hate to eat before playing though. It makes me sick.

Sandwiches are good on tour. I eat a lot of breakfast bars. Mostly it’s

shit food. 24 hour diners. We try to avoid fast food. Sandwiches are

pretty much the highlights. You get to really appreciate a good sandwich.

We got really into hot sauces on one tour and bought a lot of different ones

we would keep in the van and bring into each restaurant we went into.

Almost all restaurants have only Tabasco as an option and Tabasco sucks.

There are usually more options in the South where hot sauces are more

popular. We live in San Diego so of course we eat a lot of Mexican food.

Lengua tacos are my favorite.

5. Can you introduce us to y our CD…7" releases?

Our most recent releases are a single off of Gold Standard Laboratories ("I

Require Chocolate b/w Rats For Sale") and last years "Chrome Yellow" EP off

of Silver Girl and Bad Ice Cream. We don’t play any of the "Chrome Yellow"

material any more, but still like it. We play "I Require Chocolate" a lot

still. We’ve got another EP coming out off of GSL recorded by Pall Jenkins

of the Black Heart Procession called "Skin’s Getting Weird" and have a

full-length with GSL that’ll be recorded by Steve Revitte (Liars, Beastie

Boys, J Mascis etc.). That’s gonna be called "The Garbageman and the

Prostitute". Both will be out later in the year.

6.Which are your best recipes? If you have any… which is the one that sorted

out as to be the best track and the one you would like to work at and you

haven’t done yet?.

As far as food goes K8 has too many recipes to list here. As far as songs

go we are always trying to do our best and better the next time around.

Our latest recipes mostly have to do with destroying signals, syncopation and


7. Can you give as your 10 favourites dishes?

I am a simple man. Or at least I like to think so. My favorite dish is

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. I can’t eat it as often as I used to, but I ate

it almost every day as a boy and could probably make a perfect batch to my

specifications with my eyes closed. I love K8’s stroganoff, but it’s pretty

rich and we can’t eat it too much. I love her Indian chicken dish. Hard to

describe. She makes great Thai food. A lot of different curries. She used

to make this pasta I called "Fettucine ala K8" that was a strong gorgonzola

cream sauce with basil, roma tomoatoes and chicken or shrimp. I like things

with Scallops. Fried oysters with a little lemon have always been a

favorite of mine. Mushrooms. Strong flavoured meat, but no liver. K8 and

I love Pho soup and a lot of other Vietnamese food.

8. Are you playing gigs in the near future? What are your plans for the


We’re touring the U.S. and West Coast a lot of times this year, as usual.

We’re recording a lot, releasing a lot of records. We’re going to write a

lot of new material and try our best to actually hang on to all of it and

not leave it in the dust like we usually do. We’re making some videos as

well and that is great.

9. Messages for our Miele readers? What do you think they should eat and

listen to at the same time?

Eat and listen to what you like. Listen to and eat things you haven’t eaten

before. Don’t listen to yourself or other people eating. It’ll ruin

everything. All those smacking sounds are disgusting and if you can’t tune

them out they will make you into an insane person.



We are not dead together so far.